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New Marshal Courses

Want to become a marshal at Calabogie Motorsport Park? If you are interested in attending a course, please email your name, email address and phone number to ian@calabogiemarshals.com  with the subject "New Marshal". Don't forget to read the Marshalling FAQs for New Marshals.

This year's race marshal training will be held on two separate days. If you want to work races then take the first course and plan on returning for fire training (date to be announced) and for two track-side training days.

 If you only want to work paid events attend the second course and two track-side days of training.

Race marshal training will be on Saturday May 5th starting at 10 am and going until mid-afternoon. As usual, Lindsay Truedeau will be teaching this class.

Paid marshals who do not want to work races will be trained on May 18th at 6 pm in a 3 hour classroom session. There are two Pro 6 days on the Saturday and Sunday following so, if you want to fast-track your training come out for all three and get qualified in one weekend.

Don't forget to register for each event that you want to attend. Email me at ian@calabogiemarshals.com using a subject line like "Registration for Marshalling Course on May 5". Do not expect a reply, you will be automatically registed. Include contact information in the body of the email so that I can contact you if neccessary. If you can't make it please notify me. I need to know how many manuals, beverages and snacks to supply for each class.

Please follow the link below for more details.


Visiting Marshals and Sanctioned Races

We are happy to welcome all qualified visiting marshals for any sanctioned event. Please see the Calabogie Motorsport Park  site for race details. We look forward to welcoming you (back?) to Calabogie. Sanctioned Events this year are Kyle Nash, Ted Powell and VRRA events.

To register for a sanctioned race please contact Lindsay Trudeau at ldtrudeau@yahoo.com or call him at 819-685-9478.

Marshals who are contracted with Calabogie Marshals Inc. can register using the on-line schedule. You will only receive a confirmation if there is a paid portion to the event and you are being contracted to work that part of the event, otherwise you are automatially working the race portion.

Returning Marshals

Please note: there are events listed on the schedule that are marked Private. Don't bother signing up for these, they are on the schedule to remind me that there's an event on track that day. It's just a way to make sure I see these events and don't forget about them.

If you intend to marshal any races this year, please make sure to fill out and return a CASC membership form. This is the same form as last year. This is a link to the form http://www.casc.on.ca/sites/default/files/casc_officials_license_package.pdf  Please see Lindsay for directions regarding these forms.

Please Note:

Before logging in to this site make sure you have a signed contract with Calabogie Marshals Incorporated or are a returning marshal. Make sure to manage your sign-ups. If you become unavailable, remove yourself from the calendar ASAP before you are assigned to an event. Failure to show up for an event you are assigned to may result in not being assigned for other events.

A Few Pointers:

Only mark a date as available if you are certain that you will be. Cancelling may bump you down the selection list for future events. Failure to show up for an event may remove you from the marshalling roster completely.

If you do need to cancel, do so on-line as early as possible. If it's a last minute emergency and you are already assigned, call Ian at 613-200-1700 ASAP or send me a message at ian@calabogiemarshals.com or do both.

You can mark dates as far ahead as you like, but remember to update your calendar if your availability changes.





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